Zero and one are circumference and diameter (circle and line).

Zero and One (Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

This is the literal interpretation of quantum mechanics: zero and one are circumference and diameter (circle and line):

Future Computers: Universal System Architecture

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Today’s computers can be considered ‘junk boards’ as compared to future computers which will be based on this ‘Universal System Architecture:’

We are not going to survive. And, basically, we all know this.

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Denial of Death

The Denial of Death, written by, Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernest Becker, points out, succinctly (just read the title, forget about the book), mankind, and man in general (men and women in general), must deny the reality of death in order to survive. He says we all engage in a ‘causa sui’ project (a meaning-for-life project) while we are, patiently, waiting to die.

He is a little more eloquent, and measured in his argument, since his book was written, most basically, for an academic audience. However, the message is…

Yep. Figure it out for your ‘self.’

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Reality operates on the core assumption that pi-diameter-circumference articulates an uber-simple (always-present) (continually-conserved) circle.

The Computing ‘Cycle’

Thus, the basic ‘computer’ (computing) ‘cycle’ is, most basically, a circle (pi-diameter-circumference).

This gives us the basis for a hash function, and, thus a hash ‘graph.’ Where a hash, a function, and a graph, require, all of them, a string of characters in a line (more technically, on a line) (as a line). Where a line is always both (would not be possible without the) diameter and circumference of a circle (one zero and one one):

2X = X — Doubling the Efficiency (and Effectiveness) of a Microprocessor (and a Blockchain)

Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

All microprocessors involve the co-dependent relationship between a zero and a one. Algorithmically, then, this means 2x = x.

Think of New Mexico as the Geometric Center of the World…

Think of New Mexico as the Geometric Center of the World…

That is, New Mexico becomes a node on a decentralized global network (where all nodes on the network are geometric ‘centers’ of the world).

The Sun Clock

It starts with the idea that indigenous people have preserved ancient cultural rituals (all over the globe) which hold a natural cycle (yin and yang) as the basis for, what humans call, ‘reality.’ (Today, zero and one.)

Thus, the New Mexican flag articulates an ancient ‘sun’ clock, which everybody knows as, ‘fire,’ ‘earth,’ ‘air,’…

Also known as the ‘cryptic universe…

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Scientists and technologists would have nothing to ‘do,’ if we weren’t living in a tokenized reality. Also known as a ‘cryptic universe….


Meaning everyone already ‘knows’ a circle controls reality (more commonly known as a cycle). However, we ‘pretend,’ on some level, not to know this, so we can ‘research,’ and-or ‘study,’ other terms (cryptic analyses), in order to continually conserve this always-conserved circle (continually create tokens for this circle).

Because every time we create, or inter-react with, a token (a group of tokens), we are creating (tokenizing), and, therefore, conserving, an always-conserved circle…

How crypto-reality (and reality in general) works: technology + memetics.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Crypto-reality depends upon a unversal system architecture that looks like this:

Cryptography (crypto-technology) exposes (is dependent upon) the conservation of a circle (as the core dynamic in Nature).

Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

The identification of X assumes X’. This solves all of the problems in cryptology (cryptography) (and technology) (crypto-technology).

X and X’

This is because the conservation of a circle identifies both X and X’. Where it is impossible to have one without the other.

Therefore X and X’ are ‘equal’ and ‘not-equal’ at the ‘same’ (and different) time.

Cracking the ‘universal’ code: the tokenization of Nature. Think: universal blockchain. Universal token.

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

We are embedded, all of us, now, in a ‘universe of code.’ This ‘universe of code’ exposes the underlying tokenization of Nature. Where we are, all of us, technically, ‘codes’ for (and-or tokens of) the circular-linear nature of Nature.

Technical Reference Point

Meaning, technically, and, literally, the zero is a circumference, and the one is a diameter. Of a continually, controlled, uber-basic, and always-conserved, uber-simple, circle (one zero) (one one):

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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